Originally joined tumblr because I wanted to practise writing in English... Well, my blog changed a bit since then, ehehe. Words are my truest love and writing is my soulmate; drawing, photography, and reading are my friends too. Acting is my crush and music is what the mirror reflects when I look in it. Age is just a number, but mine is currently 22. Multifandom, theoretically, but I post what I want. NEXT

The day I find this keyring, Aristocats is on telly, yay!! I freaking love this film, gotta watch it soon because I couldn’t do it today though…


wait for it……..

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"Nothing’s been the same since New York."

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I don’t understand how he can grow such majestic facial hair and then shave it off and look like a baby again, no shade (no idea how it is called when even after shaving you can still see where the beard is), nothing .

And as you can see, I’m such a fan of longer hair :)

"It feels like a bit of a strange dream, but a very very lovely one. Because summer has happened and it’s the Oliviers and I’m nominated.. and what could be nicer? Really, truly, it’s a huge honor." - Tom Hiddleston, Oliviers Awards 2014
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