Originally joined tumblr because I wanted to practise writing in English... Well, my blog changed a bit since then, ehehe. Words are my truest love and writing is my soulmate; drawing, photography, and reading are my friends too. Acting is my crush and music is what the mirror reflects when I look in it. Age is just a number, but mine is currently 23. Multifandom, theoretically, but I post what I want.


You enchant me by alice-katherine featuring an abstract painting

J TOMSON cotton shirt / Polo Ralph Lauren leather skirt / Alexander Wang black closed toe pumps / Blue wrist watch / Kwiat chalcedony jewelry / Lord Taylor blue sapphire jewelry / Georg Jensen sterling silver earrings / Miadora blue pendant necklace / Dolphin jewelry / Blue bead bracelet / Matthew Williamson mirror aviator sunglasses, $320 / Abstract painting

I think we’d like, really like to… uh, we were kind of doing these few shows, inviting all of our friends along, from school and college. And then all of our friends went off to university, and then we realized we had no fans at all. So next gig we did after that, you know, was literally one man and his dog. We actually did a gig to one man and the dog. Once. In London. Weird. But we did that for like, 5 years, before we got signed, or made an album, or anything like that. (x)

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Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman


Ben C for Flaunt Magazine (x)

quick coloring


oh you’re watching pacific rim? i love that movie, the way they just [clenches fist] rim all of the pacific

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doctor: are u sexually active

me: *opens wallet to reveal pictures of all my anime boyfriends*

doctor: nice

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